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Jose Mourinho: Jack Wilshere Smoking Sets A Bad Example To Children
Jose Mourinho has commented on pictures showing Jack Wilshere smoking and claimed: if a kid sees a top football player smoking then that could be a problem. The Chelsea boss did not condemn the Arsena... [Read More]

Liverpool And Uruguay’s Defense Of Luis Suarez – A Disgrace
“He’s done it again – Luis Suarez – he’s done it again”. You’d think, after receiving a ten-match ban for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic, Liverpool’s Uruguayan striker might have considered keepi... [Read More]

In Defense Of Wayne Rooney
A great deal of debate following the Brazil 2014 world cup match between England and Italy on Saturday has centred round a player that Chelsea were heavily linked with over the summer – Wayne Rooney. ... [Read More]

Revealed – Why Fabregas Chose Chelsea
The story, when it broke in the media sounded rather sensational to many football fans; and why not? Many believe it would take more than the opinion of a girlfriend to make a decision as important as... [Read More]

Chelsea Set To Sign Another Ex Arsenal Star
It’s just a couple of days since ex-Arsenal hero Cesc Fabregas finally confirmed the news that all Gunners fans were dreading – that he was returning to London, not to his former club but to the... [Read More]

Where Does The Signing Of Fabreas Leaves Oscar And Hazard In Current Chelsea Squad?
The signing of Cesc Fabregas and the extraordinary performance of Oscar in Brazil’s opening World Cup match has once again raised the question – can the two of them be shoehorned into the same team? C... [Read More]

Chelsea’s Ramires To Real Madrid?
A leading candidate for most outlandish transfer rumour of the summer has appeared in the newspapers today, with the suggestion that Real Madrid are prepared to pay £25 million for the singular skills... [Read More]

Cesca Fabregas To Chelsea?
According various reports, Spanish giants, Barcelona are prepared to sell midfielder, Cesc Fabregas. It has been suggested that the former Arsenal player will be available for a substantial amount of ... [Read More]

Arsene Wenger Vs Jose Mourinho Who Is The Real Specialist In Failure
By the time he was leaving England in 2007, the fence between Mourinho and Wenger had completely broken down and there was no love lost between both men. On returning to the Premier League at the begi... [Read More]

Jose Mourinho Is Killing Football, Says Denmark Boss Morten Olsen
Denmark national team manager Morten Olsen obviously isn’t a big fan of Jose Mourinho. The Chelsea boss has come under intense criticism this season for the style of play which has taken his sid... [Read More]